StarForge CodeHatch 2014

StarForge is a game about gathering resources, building bases, buying weapons, using strategy, and destroying your opponent’s bases to win the match. It is real time and set in a first or third person perspective. Set on an alien planet, the theme is high technology, mixed with old world building mechanics. Earth has been depleted and the humans transferred as much technology and resources as possible and left on a one way mission to populate another planet. They must forge a new star. It was inspired by Halo, Warcraft 3, and Minecraft. It borrows elements from the RTS, FPS, RPG, Voxel Builder, DOTA, and Physics Sandbox genres. But since the games genre can't be pegged, let's just call it Fort Wars. All you have to do is defend your teams vat and destroy the opposing teams vat. The vat is where you and your team respawn. If the opposite team destroys it, your game will end. Launch assaults on the other teams vat to win the game. Build a strong fort around your vat. Make sure to include a roof, and asphalt on the floor to prevent tunneling. Place turrets along your walls to protect your base. Teamwork is essential to win. Make sure you have just a couple builders, while everyone else is either mining or on the assualt. Shooters have to protect the miners and builders. While the builders need the miners. And the vat needs the builders. Manage your minerals. Everyone needs to keep track of how much they are spending on weapons, ammo, vehicles, and turrets. Always save some for a rainy day. It's all about the economy. Make sure to not let the other team take all the expansion mineral bases. These can go a long way in helping your team have a chance to buy their way out of trouble should they need to. A good strategy is to always consider tunneling to the other teams base. Also attack the other team at night. On Jan 27/2017, it was made freeware.
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Free Preview v0.1 294MB (uploaded by Softonic)
Freeware Game 562MB (uploaded by Meddle)
Freeware Game 680MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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