Guncraft Darknuke 2013

Guncraft is a first person shooter game utilizing the voxel style made popular by the highly acclaimed game, Minecraft. This game will take traditional FPS elements and combine them with construction to create a fast paced, diverse, and extremely unique level of gameplay. Combine that with a multiplayer editor and tons of modding capabilities, and you have yourself a very versatile game. Other games have touted having fully destructible environments, but you could never create craters in the ground, blow giant holes in the side of buildings, or kill someone by destroying the ground underneath them and dropping them to their untimely doom. This has that. Voxel engines allow complete and total environmental destruction and construction as well. Not only can you build anything and everything using a variety of blocks, but you can also construct Prefabs. These are full structures, custom-made by you, that can be placed in game if you have the resources for them. There's also rewards packages that allow you to build turrets, SAM sites, tanks, helicopters, drones, and much, much more. When you've custom created your own level, share and destroy it with others through competitive online play. Don't be afraid of destroying your creations, because all destruction and on-the-fly construction is reset after every round. There will be many modes, varying from traditional deathmatch, king of the hill, and capture the flag, as well as a few unique game modes, not seen in any other FPS games, that have yet to be announced. There will also be leaderboards, and if they raise enough, full clan support, out of game chat rooms, and other features that will extend your experience beyond just playing the game.
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Full Demo v1.07 92MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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