Battle Tanks II John Judnich 2006

This is a tank combat action game created with Blitz engine, where you play as a tank commander. It was made for the Caiman Easter 2006 Game Programming competition, where it won 1st prize. The goal is simple - exterminate opponents and win all of the flags. The game is inspired by "Conquest" mode of the Battlefield series. There are flags scattered across the map which are also spawn points. When one side gets to an enemy flag, they take the flag and win another spawn point. When all flags are in possession of one side, the game is over. There are three types of tanks in the game - Light (fast but weak in armor), Heavy (slow but hard to destroy), and Medium (balance of speed and armor). The player can give orders to his tanks which adds a bit of tactics in the game. Five maps are included in the game, but it's possible to create your own or to download from the website.
Free Game 16MB ( @ Caiman)
Free Game ~16MB ( @
Full Demo + Extended + Titans Update + Enhanced Project v1.0 + Return Apocalypse + Panzerkampf + Military Command 61MB+41+41+29+37+18+60MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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