Warface Crytek / Trion Worlds, GFACE 2012

This free-to-play FPS with AAA production values meet social gaming to offer an unparalleled new experience. It is the year 2023; nations have crumbled and a new entity has risen to fill the power vacuum. This ruthless military force, known as Blackwood, controls the world’s resources and turns cities and countries into desolate battlefields. They must be stopped – which is where you come in. Join the elite Warface force and carry the fight to Blackwood wherever their evil reach extends. Warface takes you to a wide variety of breathtaking locations, placing you in some of the deadliest warzones on the planet. Innovative game design brings you intuitive controls and thrilling, fast-paced action. Teamwork is essential for survival and elevates you to a whole new level of immersion. Warface offers a wide variety of intense and rewarding multiplayer options. A vast and frequently updated PVE universe, featuring dramatic co-op missions where you are rewarded for both teamwork and individual skill. A full set of class-based PVP modes make for an unrivaled competitive experience. Choose from one of four classes of soldier and brace yourself for intense multiplayer action. Discover the unique thrills and spills of playing as a Rifleman, Medic, Sniper or Engineer; swapping roles at any time to transform your experience on the battlefield. As well as mastering the specific inventory of your chosen class, you’ll discover that every weapon in Warface can be customized to dramatically alter its capabilities and suit your playing style. Warface is powered by CryENGINE 3 making it not only an industry leader in visuals, but also highly accessible for all types of PC. It offers deep interaction with other players adding a level of team play and immersion never before seen in this type of game. Daily content updates in PVE combined with a thrilling, fast paced PVP mode that makes Warface a truly next-gen shooter. On October 21/2013, the English version was released.

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Free English Client (uploaded by Official Site)
Free Russian Client / English Instructions How To Play (uploaded by Official Site)
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Warface 2017: Türkiye - Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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