Colobot / Ceebot Epsitec SA / Alsyd 2001

CoLoBot (Colonise With Bots) is an educational programming game with a third-person view. It includes missions on different places such as the Earth, Moon, and 7 fictional planets, many useful machines, helpful robots and angry aliens. Your mission is to use your robots for successful expeditions on other planets. You will have to search for the raw materials and energy you need in order to survive. You can build robots and machines from raw material. Your robots can be controlled directly, but it's a better idea to program them. In a simple programming language similar to C++, you can write a program for the robot that it will then perform automatically, allowing you to sit back and watch as it collects materials and fights enemies. Most of the planets you'll be visiting are crowded with primitive and insect-like lifeforms. You may be forced into fighting them if you want to stay alive. There are different versions of the game was further developed from 2003-2005: CeeBot-A – with expanded versions of Colobot's Exercises and Challenges; CeeBot-Teen – features miniaturized toy versions of Colobot's bots and buildings; CeeBot3 – an advanced environment that allows the players to create images and animations; CeeBot4 – a very wide programming course. In 2014, the source code was released and TerranovaTeam created a free remake called Colobot: Gold Edition. The original games are now freeware also.
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Level Demos Ceebot 3, 4, Teen 31MB/29MB/15MB (uploaded by
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Colobot ISO Demo + v1.8e patch & crack 345MB (uploaded by Supernova)
Ceebot 2003 Version - Full Demo 78MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Ceebot ISO Demo 74MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Freeware versions: Colobot ISO v1.18 + Music, CeeBot-A ISO v1.17, CeeBot-Teen ISO v1.17, CeeBot-3 ISO v1.3, CeeBot-4 ISO v2.0 + Manuals for all 56MB / 57MB / 51MB / 49MB / 63MB (uploaded by Official Site)
Colobot Gold Edition - Free Alpha v0.1.10 104MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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