Infestation: The New Z / Infestation World / Infestation: Survivor Stories / War Z, The Hammerpoint Interactive, OP Productions / Arktos Entertainment Group 2012

This is a session-based, massively multiplayer online game (MMO) set in a true post-apocalyptic, zombie-infested world where other players can prove to be a greater threat than the undead hordes that populate the land. In The War Z, players are thrust into a post-apocalyptic world five-years after a viral outbreak that ravaged the human population and left, in its wake, a nightmare of epic proportion. Hordes of undead zombies infest the cities, and the few remaining human beings have devolved into a lawless, nomadic society where the sole objective is to survive at any cost. Players must use skill and cunning in order to acquire food, weapons and other supplies necessary for survival. While navigating the vast landscape, they will discover cities teeming with the undead as well as other players that may or may not be friendly. A free-to-play version was released in April/2016 called Infestation World. In Nov/2016, an official re-work of the game Infestation: Survivor Stories, created by new independent developers called Infestation: The New Z was released. Enjoy frequent updates, community involvement, a wide selection of skins, highly optimized anti-cheat and much more. Enjoy different game-modes, trade your loot in the lounge, join the warm-up servers before entering the pvp-servers or fight to the last man standing in our new exciting "Battle Royale"-mode. Enjoy a fair game experience thanks to our unique "MLG Anticheat". Features: Combination of First Person and Third Person Perspectives; Personalize your inventory with our skin system. Skin boxes and skins can be bought or be looted in game servers; Easy to start! Loot is common and it takes a small amount of time to get into this game; Players can access their Global Inventory in various safe zones spread around the worlds or by entering the main menu; Drive around in cars to get to another location faster, cars can be picked up and stored for later use; You can easily find your friends using our friend system. Create your own clan and fight with your clan-members against other clans; Discover a huge variation of items, weapons, skins, melees, armors & more.
Infestation World - Open Beta 3.9GB (uploaded by Official Site)
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Infestation: The New Z - Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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