Alien Combat: The Armed Assault STL Interactive 2012

This is a space fps game set in 2054 and was made with FPS Creator. The story follows Luke F. Critsen as he and 20 more people are leaving earth to find a special stone said "flying around" in the universe. The special stone turns out to be the biggest missile they have every seen. It hits earth and everything goes straight to hell. Some days later, in the spaceship, Luke thinks about his family when they get a message on the broadcaster that something big has hit the spaceship. And suddenly, everything goes wrong. "It seems like we have to save the last humans alive in the hole universe." - Luke. This game was made by Nicolas L., a 14 year old developer from Norway. The game was made in 3 weeks - and was made to get money for a school project. The creator made game available for free in Feb/2017.
Freeware Game 391MB (uploaded by Niclauke)

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