Independence War Deluxe / Independence War: Special Edition - Defiance Particle Systems Ltd. / Infogrames, Inc. 1999

This title is a compilation of Independence War and what was to be a seperate expansion pack called Independence War Defiance. In Independence War, there is a huge conflict going on between The Indies, colonists from Earth, and the Commonwealth. And you take the role of an officer in the Commonwealth fleet. In Defiance you are playing the Indie Side of the conflict. The add-on consists of 18 missions and it mirrors the original campaign. You are Edison Hayes, a captain of the Indie fleet and the Dreadnaught-class corvette Spartacus. Defiance also adds two notable new features to the game; ability to save in-mission and limited customization of player ship's weapons. The American version also included a $10 rebate for owners of Independence War, but no rebate was included with the European version.
Defiance CD ISO Demo 438MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
GOG ISO Demo 1.85GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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