Blacklight: Tango Down Zombie Studios / Ignition 2010

Blacklight is as conservative as it gets in the world of military shooters. War-torn streets littered with debris and peppered with bullet holes, the only time the palette gets to stretch its legs beyond muted greys and blues is the red of the blood you will be hopefully extracting from your enemies. The Washington-based studio hasn't set out to radically alter the concept either – admittedly a departure from Spec Ops and its strategic ilk, Blacklight is firmly routed in Call of Duty territory, full of daring dashes between cover, unsafe in the knowledge that it only takes the slightest amount of enemy fire to dispatch you back to your respawn point. At €15/$15, Blacklight is quite comfortably the most reasonably priced, fully-specced competitive online FPS on the market. Of course that digital distribution label requires the "fully-specced" qualifier, and Blacklight does indeed boast some impressive production values for its budget price-point. It has Unreal 3-powered visuals, 16 players, 7 game types, 12 maps and a serious commitment to weapon customisation. You can use Hyper Reality Vision, or HRV, much like Perfect Dark's Eraser-like Farsight gun many years before it, the x-ray-like HRV is designed to root out campers and promote more aggressive play, but unlike Rare's effort this is strictly a visor and you can't fire weapons while it's active. Your grenade load-out has seen a touch of tomorrow's technology too, with smoke grenades censoring your vision with a cluster of distorted pixels and the flash bang causing interference with your visor's computer. In further bad news for campers, respawn bases are protected by turrets, demonstrating their commitment to addressing the most reviled FPS exploits. Your six core weapons (handgun, shotgun, sniper rifle, assault rifle, sub machine gun and heavy support weapon) can be modded in five areas (barrel, muzzle, optic, magazine and butt stock) and equipped with up to 25 unique items that change a weapon’s perks, leading to a perversely wide selection of gun combinations.
Full Demo 1.85GB (uploaded by Molitor)

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