Blackshot Outspark, Papaya Way / eFusion, Vertigo Games America 2009

A militaristic first-person shooter loaded with powerful weapons, lifelike characters and gritty environments, Blackshot's intense multiplayer action will appeal to gamers of all skill levels. Outspark continues to aggressively build out its rich portfolio of free-to-play games, and is bringing its community of nearly three million gamers yet another exciting and immersive title with Blackshot. Multiply Game Modes: Running Man Mode (RM), Team Death Match (TDM), Team Flag Match (TFM), Search & Destroy (SD), Protect the Commander (PC), Unlimited Battle Arena (UBA), Mercenary Level & Rank System. Rise from lowly Recruit all the way up to Commander-in-ChiefReceive Weapons, Gear, and Tactics at every level. Gear System - Enhance your mercenary with Gear to make them better, stronger, faster. Receive stat bonuses or increase your weapon load. Tactical Slots - Add depth to your character customization by assigning weapons expertise. Unlock more slots as you gain ranks, and create a deadly mercenary. Clan System & Dedicated Clan Servers - Create your own or join an existing clan, customize your emblem, and dominate. Clan rankings and Clan servers for team matches. Massive array of weapons such as AR, BR, Snipers, SMG, Shotguns and many more. 7 Mastery categories and multiple ranks that unlock unique weaponry.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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