Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear Teyon / Mastiff 2013

This is a modern military shooter that brings with it all the intense, fast-paced, on-rails action that gamers love in other titles that actually let you play, like Battlefield 3 and (any of the hundreds of versions of) Call of Duty. It drops players into the hot zone of the middle-east as it's up to players to work fast and furious through single or multiplayer cooperative modes to rescue a spy who has vital information on preventing nuclear Armageddon. If you like looking at pretty graphics and being corridor-ed through preset, explosive situations, killing faceless, turban-wearing soldiers who are “bad guys” simply because you're American, and firing weapons cause massive, pre-scripted mayhem, then you just might like this. Heck, the game is identical to Call of Duty with the only difference is that you get a strafe and can move forward and backward at will in CoD.
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Multi-5 ISO Demo 1.37GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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