Call Of Duty 2: Feat Of The Soldier [Ru] Русский Проект (Russian Project) 2007

The subject of this Russian addon is based on events in 1943-1944. It's basically a pirate release of the main game combined with a fan-made mission pack. It describes the history of a Soviet soldier, who after heavy injury comes into consciousness in the view of the underground prison of Nazis. It reveals a secret passage, which leads into the adjacent accomodation. His long journey to freedom so begins. In the addon is also included an American campaign "Operation swift hawk", whose action revolves around the diversionary operation of the destruction of the anti-aircraft guns in North Normandy. The fame contains 2 new campaigns: USSR and THE USA and also 10 maps for the online game. Some changes in game graphics and interface of game are also introduced.
Russian ISO Demo 1.36GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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