Cargo 3 Vinci Games Inc. 2014

Cargo 3 is a computer game of the species first-person shooter set in the reality of science-fiction horror. In 2249 years of humanity heading towards extinction due to overexploitation of natural resources. The only hope for survival is the use of materials on other planets. Two major powers form the United Exploration Corporation, whose job is to send probes into space and Earth's supply of new energy sources. Sixty years after sending the first probe, people are discovering a new planet-Argos 9, and under its surface nitium - metal with unique properties. Thanks to Earth again nitium economy develops. However, in unclear circumstances, the inhabitants of Argos suddenly breaks off contact 9. The game's story takes us to the aforementioned ninth planet Argos You play the character of the main character UEC former commando who comes to the mining colony, to clarify the fate of his family, which lost contact. Worst fears tormented him, but the reality turns out to be a nightmare, in which he was not prepared.
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ISO Demo 4.53GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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