Vastynex Zakichi 2018

Large pixels, large bullets, large bosses. This looks like Thunder Force 4 based on reasons, coupled with references to R-type, Gradius, Darius, which is attractive. It's full of cute references to / weapons from all yer faves. It's made with Shooting Game Builder. The contents are horizontal scroll stage clear type shooting game. It is a challenge to capture all six stages while fighting battle with the enemy and the boss who is piloting its own aircraft and approaching. Adopting elements that remember somewhere , using different shots of different effects for different types of arms around the system and fighting . Moreover, there is no means of attack which helps to break the plight corresponding to the so-called "Bomu". To that extent, the firepower and performance for each armament is set high, and it is becoming a game design that puts emphasis on fighting using these. Also, there is no difficulty level selection function. It is unusual for recent shooter games, the whole is composed with one difficulty level. Furthermore, every time after a game over retries, consuming credits, an arcade derived system is also installed. I can not retry infinitely many times. However, the credit is 9 as standard and quite high. For beginners who are not good at shooting, although the talk changes slightly, it is set to the extent that it feels exactly good for a player with good abilities, and is perceived as too many if you are familiar with it. Even if it is basic, even one shot will be shot down when the bullet of the enemy is shot, it is strongly struck unexpectedly because items of "shield" that can endure up to three shots are frequently obtained. If it goes beyond the middle stage, it will be a difficulty only if there is it, but it is a timing that has no sense of incompatibility as a development, so unreasonableness is dilute. It is balanced considering that there is no relief measure as a whole.
DX11 Benchmark 566MB (uploaded by Guru3D)
Chinese Free Client 2.0GB (uploaded by Official Site)
Free Game v1.2 73MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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