Police Force 2 Rondomedia / Excalibur Publishing 2013

Join the boys and girls in blue and rid the city of crime! As you take on the prestigious role of a police officer, you’ll need to complete a variety of different missions to make the metropolis a safer place for everyone. From questioning witnesses, using an advanced forensics lab or getting out there and pursuing criminals by car, are you able to serve and protect? A successor to the original Police Force, your role as a police officer is to protect the city from the criminal underworld that lurks in the shadows. From stolen cars to assault, you will need to respond to incidents as fast as possible and arrest the suspects. New features found in Police Force 2 include a fully functioning police station to explore that includes a forensic lab where you are able to analyze evidence found at crime scene, new vehicles to purchase and drive. And the responsibilities to question witnesses and examine crime scenes. You won’t just be armed with the standard police baton; you’ll also operate a selection of different tools such as handcuffs, firearms, PDA, and one of the newest additions to the series, the alcohol breathalyzer. While on duty your officer will need to combat a great amount of different criminal incidents ranging from kidnapping, traffic accidents and violence. Depending on how you act, your rank will increase and you’ll be able to take on much more dangerous missions.
ISO Demo 717MB (uploaded by Egon68)
UC3 Repack ISO Demo 453MB (uploaded by UberLamer)
Full Demo 159MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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