Descent Mission Builder Brainware / Interplay Entertainment Corp. 1995

Back in the early days of FPS games, mission builders were not made free as is done in modern games. This editor can render Descent's levels in real-time with textures, models, lightning and anti-aliasing, and uses the at the time common Windows 3.1 interface. It is capable of importing custom textures in bmp format and MIDI music, for use within the level. Descent Mission Builder II was released in 1997, also developed by Brainware, being able of creating levels for both Descent 1 and 2. Unlike DMB1 it saw no stand-alone commercial release, but was bundled with the Descent 2 expansion pack Vertigo, and in the Infinite Abyss and Definite Collection releases of Descent 2. DLE (Descent Level Editor) was based on DMB2 v2.7 and offers a slew of bug fixes and enhancements and continues to be revised. Descent 3 was shipped with an in-house developed level editor instead.
DMB2 Limited Demo 1MB (uploaded by Official Site)
DMB2 included in The Vertigo Series ISO Demo 195MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
DMB2 included in Descent I and II - The Definitive Collection (Descent I, II, II - Vertigo Series) 848MB (uploaded by Egon68)
DLE-XP Free Version 1.6MB (uploaded by

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