Call Of Duty: Black Ops - First Strike Treyarch / Activision 2011

This first DLC was first released on XBox360 on Feb. 1st but came out on PC the next month March. It costs $15 on PC and includes five new multiplayer maps, four of which are for the standard multiplayer game and 1 for Zombies multiplayer. They come with a variety of weaponry, variety of engagement types, and a variety of verticality, bringing some sniper opportunities into it. The new maps are - Berlin Wall: situated around Checkpoint Charlie, the famous crossing between West/East Berlin, Discovery: Antarctica based German research facility left behind since WW2, Kowloon: inspired by the singleplayer level set on the rainy rooftops of Kowloon City in China, Stadium: set in hockey rink stadium in the North-Eastern USA, and the Zombie multiplayer map "Ascension".
Full Demo Repack + All DLC's + Zombies + Multiplayer 7.29GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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