Strike Suit Infinity Born Ready Games 2013

Billed as more scoring-based than its predecessor, this game is closer to some classic arcade games. You are in command of a ship, and face endless waves of enemies, each time more numerous, more resilient, and benefit of inflicting damage. Your goal is simple: survive as long as possible, to make the biggest score. Size Matters. To help you in your task, you can call in reinforcements as you progress. Indeed, when killing your enemies, you earn money and then you can invest to hire vessels that will help you in battle, or to upgrade allies vessels that are already fighting on your side. But fans can stay assured; the arrival of this stand-alone game will not stop the development of its predecessor, which will continue to be updated. If you're a fan of scoring and nostalgic arcade games, know that Strike Suit Infinity will be available on Steam from the 30th April for about 7 $.
ISO Demo 1.49GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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