Ballpoint Universe Arachnid Games 2013

This is a side-scrolling shooter / platform adventure game featuring artwork entirely drawn in ballpoint pen. Explore immaculate worlds, learn about the Logicians and the Doodles, and customize your doodle-ship for battle. It has classic space shooter gameplay. Shoot and dodge through a hell-storm of enemies to obliterate the logic fleets and their Admirals. Fight for the future of creativity itself. There's also planet exploration. Explore doodle realms, meet intriguing, eccentric characters. Get hints, and items to aid your quest. For upgrades, there's a fully fledged, 4 slot customization system. Customize your ship with the gear you acquire along your journey. Equip for the needs for a certain mission; do you need a shield and sword, sword and gun, gun and gun? Exploit the enemy fleet's weaknesses and overcome their systematic genocide of imagination. Customize these parts on your ship: wings (different wings can boost your ships speed, combo gauge, or HP), nose (the nose of the ship houses a special attack. Charge up your combo gauge to use it), top equip (choose from a vast array of guns, shields, swords, or spears ), bottom equip (now do it again! Pair your equips wisely to survive in battle), trophies (do good on your missions and collect! There's over 50 spot-illustration style ballpoint trophies to collect). It uses the Unity engine. It received the Infinity subtitle after the addition of an infinity game mode with an endless amount of waves.
Beat Level Demo v2.5 102MB (uploaded by IndieDB)
Ballpoint Universe: Infinite - Full Demo 80MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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