Ratz Instagib Lino Slahsuchek / Rising Star Games 2013

Early Access, Full Release Date: July 27/2016 This is a fast paced multiplayer shooter made with Unity engine. Instagib means only one weapon, the railgun, endless ammo and one hit kills! You play as a tiny rat equipped with the "antigravity" suit. A shot to the ground beneath your feets lets you jump very high (Railjump) and you move a lot faster while in air! Inspired by the classic Instagib mode of Unreal Tournament fame, it takes the concept of arena-based FPS gaming and renders it down to its core essentials: namely, blasting your friends into tiny pieces with high-powered weaponry. Rather than having to use your shots to throw you up into the air, there's a dedicated 'Rocket Jump' button (default: Right Mouse) which you can use to bounce around the map like mad. That's on top of the basic 'hop' jump (default: Spacebar), which can be used repeatedly in quick succession to make you move faster. The Early Access release of v2.0 has eight different maps, based on real-world household environments: office, play room, swimming pool, gymnasium, lounge and so on. There are seven different frag types to choose from (two to start with, plus five to unlock as you play) and five different beam types (one initially, four to unlock), but more are planned as development continues. You can also play with all kinds of settings. As well as straightforward Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch, Ratz also features Capture The Flag and Freeze Tag, so you can mix things up while you play. Freeze Tag's especially hectic, as the tide of battle can turn really quickly; frozen players can be unfrozen by teammates, but doing that without getting hit yourself is the real challenge. It has fully integrated stat-tracking and leaderboards to help keep track of your progress, allowing players to be ranked via tiers and then better matched with others of the same skill level in matchmaking. Or you could just set up private games with your friends and blow them to bits without fear of losing… maybe! Originally a free game, in 2015 a commercial v2.0 was released.
Browser-Playable Free Game *requires Unity plugin (uploaded by Kongregate)
Full Demo 05/03/2016 291MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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