Macross VOXPlus 2001

This extension is inspired by the Macross Plus series and all its elements and innovations have to do with this series. Added different strands that are available according to culture / race choice: UN Spacy: YF-19 Alpha One, Meltrandi: X-9 Ghost, Zentradi: YF-21 Omega One. There's 9 new VF-1 remastered, a replacement of the classics by VF-1. Textures Zentradi and additional Meltradi made ​​by Gabe Brooks, great skinner, VOXP pioneer. YF-19 cockpit Isamu Dyson. GUI: Totally based on the anime Macross Plus, specifically on the side of the main character in Dayson Isamu cockpit. 50 photos captured and enhanced drivers for the game (based on the anime Macross Plus Remastered). Gain adjustment for sound effects that saturate the audio channel. 21 Sound Effects based on Macross Plus Movie Ova and edition. Music mixed and placed as the battle phase, the OST original soundtrack. Planets replaced for better picture resolution.
Download v0.2 92MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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