Blockade Runner (cancelled) ZANMGT the six sibling studio 2012

Inspired by Zach Barth's Infiniminer and Markus Persson's Minecraft’s voxel engines, Blockade Runner is the beginning of a Multiplayer First Person Adventure Space Sim that will feature fully destructible, operational, crewable 'living' starships in a procedurally generated galaxy. The voxel system that allows for a massively destructible environment, and a low-memory Liquid Cubed liquid/solid/gas algorithm researched and developed by the studio provide a game where "everything matters". The editor, available for free, allows you to build ships using tools such as symmetry, angles, and more. A new engine was being worked on but development has been stopped.
Website / Screenshots
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Alpha Level Demo v0.71.0c 39MB (uploaded by IndieDB)

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