Fire & Forget: The Final Assault Anuman Interactive 2013

Drive, fly, shoot with the most advanced flying tank! In a world ravaged by thermonuclear war, where law and order are but a distant memory, a terrorist group is trying to deliver the final blow which could lead to the total loss of what is left of humanity. Equipped with the ultimate in sophisticated top secret weaponry, the "Thunder Master III", you are the last resort, only you can save the day now. This is a shooting game that puts you in control of an impressive flying armored vehicle, fitted with 2 deadly weapons: a manual double canon with a sighting device and an auto-guided missile launcher. While the vehicle is automatically moving forward at high speed, your job is to avoid all the obstacles and slaughter any enemies in your way. Take out hundreds of enemies and obstacles in every level. There's 10 levels across a devastated post-apocalyptic world, and 3 levels of difficulty. Destroy as many enemies as you can to achieve the best scores. Customize your vehicle according to your personal tastes with incredible skins and upgrades. Compare your score with other players in the Game Center.
Full Demo 101MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Full Demo 101MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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