Specnaz Antiterror: Afghanistan [Ru] GOG Games / Media Service 2000 2005

During the decade-long Russian war in Afghanistan, which lasted from 1979 to 1989, to the war against the Mujahideen was sent more than a million Soviet soldiers and about fifteen thousand never returned home. After the withdrawal of troops from the country, there was a civil war, the Taliban came to power, and Al-Qaeda set up training grounds there, but that is, as they say, another story. In this alternate reality, the game asks what would have happened if Hafizullah Amin had nuclear weapons? Actually, first Hafizzula, who succeeded as president Mohammad Taraki (who took power by force from his predecessor Daut, who in turn staged a coup and overthrew his uncle), was loyal to the Soviet Union, but then his views changed dramatically. The task of finding and destroying the ill-fated rockets falls on the shoulders of the brave commandos. As weapons, you have the good loyal army knife stashed with a bunch of grenades, a holstered gun waiting in the wings, and an arsenal of rifles, Kalashnikov, a machine gun and a grenade launcher. And now the weapon can be used with virtually no restrictions, for ammunition scattered in corners is of sufficient quantity. As well, first-aid kits can be found almost in every third hut of a mountain village or small room in an intricate underground complex. Body armor is much less likely to come across, but without it you can still defeat the army. For fourteen single-player campaign missions, our brave warrior roams in search of missiles in caves, abandoned bunkers, bases and old engineering complexes, putting stacks on the floor of bearded gunmen. As before, to destroy all the enemies is not necessarily enough , you must find the right door or passage to go to the next level. Graphic design is traditionally done for the series, with the addition of a fair amount of open space (mountains, gorges, caves), which had not previously been observed. The voice of the protagonist is done by the author and host of the once popular show about computer games - Boris Repetur.
Russian 2CD ISO Demo 628+356MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)

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