Specnaz Antiterror: Mission in the Balkans [Ru] GOG Games / Media Service 2000 2005

After a showdown with the gangs of terrorists in Chechnya, fate throws an unnamed commando capable of pulverizing a couple of enemy regiments in Yugoslavia. A gang of unidentified extremists captures a large military complex, which is guarded by Russian special forces, and only the main character manages to survive. He now has to figure out the enemy's plans, report them to the authorities and manage to survive, waiting for the arrival of the saving helicopter. Get into an office building, the former headquarters of the once peace-keeping forces, crawl through the underground communications and ventilation systems to get their secret documents. By the way, the last, the 15th mission of the single player campaign will require a serious sprint because in order to get to the roof, you are given only a few minutes. Some surprises await like suddenly the floor falls from under your feet and you find yourself knee-deep in the mire of the sewer, or the explosion of a U-turn vent duct and instead of the path to salvation you can fall directly on the heads of terrorists. Most of the locked doors will be opened only in the event that the power is blown up and that is hidden in the most remote locations. Weapons and ammo are hard to come by, so games should be saved regularly.
Russian 2CD ISO Demo 748+182MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)

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