Deadpool: Merc with a Map Pack High Moon Studios / Activision 2013

After an entire game of humiliating goons, there are still bad guys out there who think they can cha-cha with Deadpool. So to meet market demand for my unique brand of butt-kicking, I’m unleashing my “Merc with a Map Pack”, adding two new maps to Challenge Mode, starring yours truly against increasingly brutal waves of enemies: GRT Plaza - Mr. Sinister’s clone army has taken over, but I’m imposing a strict ‘no loitering’ ordinance; Inside the Tower - Mr. Sinister’s goons are having a party in his new digs so I’ve decided to crash and give free bullets for everyone. Master each map to move up to Infinite Mode, where the mayhem doesn’t stop. I should also mention Infinite Mode features two new, form-fitting suits for my wardrobe: D-Pooly - Some looser threads to give my goods a rest from that chafing spandex. Uncanny X-Force - Dark and slimming... the perfect accessory for a chimichanga binge.
Download: None currently available

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