Crime Scene Manhattan: The Real Car-Shooter Blimb Entertainment GmbH / rondomedia Marketing & Vertriebs GmbH 2003

The player takes the role of the contract killer Gloria from L.A. who has to go into hiding in New York after a failed assassination. She had to leave everything behind except a few dollars and is forced to work for the local crime organisation. The game features in principle a freely drivable city, but practically the player follows the story and solves linearly arranged missions, e.g. car chases or assassinations. The handling is similar to the Grand Theft Auto series but Gloria never leaves her car. Nevertheless she is allowed to use a variety of weapons, such as machine guns or rockets. There are also various bonus pickups, e.g. repair or invulnerability. The story is told in comic strips. Besides the story mode the game features several other playing modes: Cruising (free driving in the city), Taxi, Mafia (collecting protection money), Police (car chases with the police), Stuntcar, Tourist (driving to 150 special points in New York) and Killer (assassinations). Another feature are optional penalties for hurting pedestrians.
included in Action Trilogy (Nodtronics) ISO Demo 344MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
included in Action Trilogy - Clone ISO Demo 332MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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