MegaRace 2 Cryo Interactive Entertainment / Mindscape, Inc. 1996

Virtual World Broadcast TV has renewed their most popular show MegaRace for another season after last year's mind-blowing success. You know, it's that virtual racing game where no one really gets hurt and is pure and mindless entertainment for the masses. For the new season, this "show" has undergone some major changes. First of all, the name is now MegaRace 2 (this is the sequel, of course). Returning as everyone's favorite neurotic host is Lance Boyle along with his new bodacious, yet incredibly brainless, co-host. Watch them insult the drivers, and each other, and make snide comments on today's society in new and improved FMV quality. Because this show is so popular, Virtual World Broadcast TV also realized that there was a need for bigger and badder tracks. They created a whole new set of virtual tracks that have a more sophisticated look and are twice as deadly. There are also new weapons and items for you to buy to upgrade your vehicle of destruction, more on-track hazards and more shoot-'em up action. You can choose between 14 armored cars loaded with weapons of mass destruction, and race on 6 different tracks. Only the cars are rendered in real-time 3d, while the tracks are actually pre-rendered. This allows the player to have very detailed cars and tracks, but limits the interaction with the scenery.
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Full Demo 215MB (uploaded by GamesWin)
2CD ISO Demo 448+423MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
GOG Digital ISO Demo v2.1.0.9 784MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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