Control Monger: Kill or Be Killed Netcharger / MindSurge Entertainment 2005

Control Monger is a free team based online first person shooter, featuring 7 players types, 4 multiplayer modes, advanced particle effects and online play with up to 255 players. Similar to Team Fortress the players control bots somewhat reminiscent of the old Descent games of these types: Repair, Heavy, Construction, Sniper, Demolition, Soldier and Spy. Multiple modes of play on each map include capture the flag, last man standing, objective, king of the hill, and death match. There will be 12 official maps in the free version. It also supports custom made maps with free mapping, modeling, light mapping, and terrain editing tools. There will be a retail expansion pack which will convert the free version into a full MMOFPS style game. It will have a central chat room for players to meet up to plan games and form clans. The retail version will include more officially-made maps and 3 new bots. There will also be a ranking and guild system added that will upgrade your player avatar as your play and many new game play types and features will be added that are not in the free version. Free version players will still be able to play along side expanded players in maps that only include free features.
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Free Full Game v1.021 ~39MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
Custom Map Tools (uploaded by Official Site)

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