Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Thaumaturge DLC NeocoreGames 2013

For this $3.99 DLC, you must be familiar with the traditional approach to monster hunting: grab a melee weapon, take a firearm (just to make sure), prepare your tricks and witness those creatures flee in terror! But there are other, somewhat unusual methods that rely on a quite different source – which is called magic. What if you could turn the esteemed Van Helsing into a totally different kind of monster hunter? This now allows you to play a specialist class that will surely spice up your gaming experience. The Thaumaturge is the master of the occult hunting traditions, an expert on the rare mystical arts. Forget the steel blades and those rude guns, and use purely your stunning arcane abilities. It has a new skill tree, new equipment and unique traits, brand new tactics and game mechanics to support the new class, 3 new quest lines in the single player campaign, 2 brand new maps.
Download: None currently available

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