Sir, You Are Being Hunted Big Robot Ltd. 2013

This is an open world survival video game made with Unity engine. Players will have to survive from 'Hunters' (robots dressed as Victorian gentlemen) who are trying to track down and kill them, whilst attempting to escape from an island. Players will be required to scavenge towns and villages for items such as food and weapons to help them survive whilst collecting rune stones in order to escape the island. If the robots find a rune stone, they will set up sentries around it to defend it from the player. The game's enemies will utilise dogs and balloons in order to find the player. The island played on is procedurally generated, meaning that every playthrough will generate a different landscape. It is populated with villages and town containing the supplies which can be used by the player.
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Full Demo v1.3 180MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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