Hunting Unlimited 4 SCS Software / ValuSoft, Inc. 2006

This fourth installment in the series like in previous entries has the player hunt for digital wildlife. This iteration features more digital trophies to track and hang above the fireplace mantle. The player now has a option of twelve different game to hunt, ranging from the dangerous black bear or cougar to the more usual moose and various kinds of deer. Hunting is done by playing through the 50 hunting challenges including tracking, do-or-die and fantasy missions or free hunt mode were the player can customize the experiences down to the weather and time of day. Accompanying the player along his or her trek through the six different landscapes is a selection of more than 50 different firearms, bows and hunting accessories. Track your prey through the stunning rugged beauty of Alberta, Arizona, Oregon, Africa and now Colorado and Montana. Travel the rough terrain on foot, ATV or on horseback to search out and take down 15 prize species. And get ready for the big hunt and perfect your shot by taking aim at the Target Range.
ISO Demo 508MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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