FPS Creator Reloaded The Game Creators 2013

This new version of FPS Creator is Reloaded and designed to be simple and straightforward to use, making it a good solution for those who have always wanted to make their own game but have previously struggled with the challenging aspects of development such as creating graphics or programming an engine. FPS Creator takes the hard work out of this aspect of design, allowing players to focus on things like level design and how their game is structured as a whole. The engine primarily focuses on exterior settings, and features a terrain editor with automatic generation of vegetation for that authentically leafy look. It also allows for the creation of games with inventory and quest systems as well as straight-up shooters, and features the fun ability to switch between "edit" and "play" modes in real-time. It comes ready-equipped with six modern-day weapons and a selection of characters, and is expandable with additional add-on packs. It's the latest in a line of packages that allow those without experience in traditional game development disciplines to realize their dreams of creating their own interactive entertainment; the developers hope it will become the "defacto standard" for FPS development. There's big explosions - realistic and huge pyrotechnics will light up your games, and an advanced physics engine powers the collision effects. Real-time dynamic shadows and a shimmering and reflective water plane adds a touch of realism to your levels. Enemy and allied characters are high in detail, able to talk and can be made to barter and offer rewards. Dynamic and realistic animations bring the characters to life. Characters are now smart and equipped to navigate the environment and hunt you down.
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Full Demo - Beta v1.8 361MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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