CrimeCraft Vogster Entertainment / THQ 2009

In the world of the near-future, the value placed on a life isn't what it once was. In the aftermath of an ecological disaster of unprecedented scale, the denizens of this dark and gritty city are learning to survive and thrive in any way they can — and if that way involves taking down anyone who opposes them, well, so be it. CrimeCraft thrusts you into a dangerous, futuristic city in which every resident is out for his or her own gain. In this persistent-world next-gen shooter, you'll join thousands of other online players in a chaotic world in which you must cobble together a gang and build up your own reputation if you want to have a shot at survival. Learn the rules of the street and take out the competition as you strive to make your way in this strange post-disaster world where your survival may depend on just how far you're willing to go. It uses the Unreal Engine 3. The game consists of seven game modes, which can be broken down into two major categories: PvP game modes, wherein players compete against each other, and PvE game modes, wherein players compete against computer controlled AI bots. Other features include questing, achievements, crafting and gang hideouts. Lobbies is where players spend their time when they are not in combat instances. Hundreds of players can be in a lobby at once. Players are able to talk to one another through chat, barter items with one another, join groups as well as gangs which are equivalent to Guilds or Clans, talk to numerous Non-Player-Characters that are spread throughout all three lobbies to buy in-game items from them or complete quests, craft items such as weapons, clothing, and drugs. Players are able to choose from a large list of abilities, boosts, equipment each with different pros and cons. These items can be used in the instanced battles where the shooter aspect takes place, and there is a good amount of diversity in the gametypes. Usually, these matches consist of two teams split into teams of 8.
In late October 2009, CrimeCraft received their first major patch update, which included an unlimited free trial. There have been regular updates to the game since that time to add more content and to fix several major bugs that were present in the game at launch. It has a tiered subscription model. The unlimited free trial offers basic access but doesn't allow players access to several key features such as: PvP rankings, the mail system, the bank, voice chat (and even text chat is limited), gang creation and even crafting is off-limits. Free trial users can't rank up their skills past the first level and can only equip a single skill at a time. Those who want to upgrade their account privileges have two options. Standard membership starts at $4.99/month while Premium membership is $9.99/month. Even premium subscribers are expected to make use of the game's microtransaction system to purchase additional clothes and appearance customization options. As a further gimmick, the cities of CrimeCraft are filled with billboards advertising real life brands. The game shut down on Aug 31/2017.

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Free Client 3.3GB (uploaded by Malavida)

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