Fancy Skulls tequibo 2013

Early Access Release Fancy Skulls is a shooter made with Unity engine with random generation, permadeath and unique art style where you defeat enemies with skill, wit and caution. Find cool items, mod weapons, use abilities, shoot, run and die a lot. Among many items, you can find the one that gives you the ability to transmute objects, or the one that allows you to cast a fireball spell, or another that creates a friendly sentry. For example, you can mod shotgun to shoot lightning, SMG to shoot mini bombs, revolver to give you coins if you hit a certain amount of enemies in a row without missing. There are items that make you faster, help you navigate better, or allow you to fly.
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Browser-Playable Alpha Demo v0.3 (uploaded by Kongregate)
Full Demo v0.7.2 55MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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