Rodina Brendan Anthony / Elliptic Games 2013

Rodina is a space exploration RPG inspired by games like Freelancer, Star Fox, and the Elder Scrolls. It has several cool features that space games typically lack- huge procedural planets you can seamlessly land on, the ability to walk around planets as well as your ship, and customizable ship interiors. Rodina is a game where you seamlessly explore a solar system. Fly your spaceship from planet to moon to asteroid with no loading screens or warp doors. Explore these huge, procedurally-generated landscapes on foot. Customize your ship’s living spaces to suite your tastes. Get into dogfights with alien spaceships in order to secure control of valuable resources and property. Explore procedurally-generated planets with millions of square kilometers of surface area. Seamlessly travel from a planet’s surface to the depths of space, with no loading screens, warp doors, or invisible walls. Investigate asteroids, moons, space stations, and stars. It boasts a game world simulation which supports player creativity and rewarding feedback. Release toxic gas into the engine room. Fly a false flag in order to trick your opponents into thinking you are their ally. Hack into the ship’s computer and delete the source code that fires the weapons, rendering them useless.
Level Demo 122MB (uploaded by Official Site)
Full Demo v1.2.5 115MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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