3089 Phr00t 2013

3089 is a futuristic, procedurally generated, open-world action role-playing game. All terrain, enemies, weapons, items, quests & more are uniquely generated. You are a promising robotic android design, made by the Overlord, placed on planet Xax. Your performance in common combat, support & intel scenarios is being closely watched. However, will you become too much for them to handle? What else on planet Xax exists that the Overlord doesn’t know about? Items and weapons can be customized and broken down into parts - find the rarest parts and put them together to make an amazing gun or set of armor! Hop from tree to tree with a grappling hook, or teleport between cover while being stealthy with a special blade. Co-op networked gameplay has been implemented - join up with a buddy to take on massive robots and quests together. You will also be able to merge with the other player to become a super robot!
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Limited Level Demo 56MB (uploaded by Official Site)
Full Demo v1.3.3 63MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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