Battlefield 4: Second Assault Digital Illusions, EA DICE / Electronic Arts Inc. 2014

This Premium expansion pack features four of the most fan-favorite maps from Battlefield 3, redesigned to take advantage of the advanced Frostbite 3 engine and enhanced to include new multiplayer features from Battlefield 4. Destroy the ceilings of the flooded Operation Metro. Bring down the communications tower of the new Caspian Border. Create flammable hazards on Operation Firestorm and dodge Gulf of Oman’s sand storm. With five weapons re-mastered for Battlefield 4, the return of the Dune Buggy vehicle, ten new assignments, and the Capture the Flag game mode, Second Assault combines familiar grounds with all-new features. Caspian Border is a true Battlefield 4 classic, and the map has been redesigned with Frostbite 3 graphics, Levolution moments, and a breath-taking autumn setting.
Download: None currently available

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