Toy Wars Invasion Web Interactive Solutions 2014

This is a single player or 4 person co-op first person shooter survival and objective game. Inspired by the first Toy Story movie and Sid the evil boy next door who hacked and abused his toys, we have you playing as a toy where you must fight off the abused and unwanted toys of the world. Because you play as a toy, this gives you an opportunity to view the world in a new perspective as everyday objects that people take for granted are large for a toy. The world is interactive and at times you can use objects to your advantage such as shoot a basket off a table to disable attackers. The various maps have differing objectives, with some maps having multiple objectives. These might include: fight your way to the base of the “unwanted” to capture or destroy it, perform a rescue operation, protect your base from counter attacks or protect the construction workers if they are dispatched to help you. There are 21 enemy classes that attack, all with varying skills and attacking prowess. For example there are the Wizards, Jack-in-the-Boxes who are full of surprises (sometimes good), plastic tan soldiers who may launch an attack from their choppas, and the Cyborg Bear with his attached jet pack and nerf gun arm. You also have vehicles with attached pirate cannons and MG’s, not to mention some slot cars which you can take for a spin around the slot car tracks or the model trains which you get to drive around the toy shop. The Toy Box appears at various times enabling you to upgrade your weapons and purchase health packs. Some of these weapons include: pistols including a Nerf gun and cowboy 6 shooter, rifles such as the sniper, dart and disk launchers, party popper shotgun and staple gun, pirate cannon and goo gun. Maps have random enemy spawns and a difficulty scaling that adjusts as more people join the battle, plus random path selections that enable maps to vary between play.
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Beta Demo v2.10 454MB (uploaded by Official Site)
Full Demo 1.19GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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