Star Trek Pinball Sales Curve Ltd., The / Interplay Productions Ltd. 1997

This conjures up three 3D pinball tables using graphics and sounds from the original Star Trek series. Two of the games, "To Boldly Go" and "Qapla'" (the latter being the Klingon word for "success," which actually wasn't introduced until the era of Star Trek: The Next Generation), offer solo tables. The 3D rendering is impressive, with traps and obstacles that would throw most pinball pros for a loop, but it isn't likely to keep amateurs and curious onlookers around for repeat play. The two-player LAN game, "Nemesis," has players (each representing the United Federation of Planets and the Klingons) battling it out side-by-side on an expanded table while trying to keep the ball from falling into the other player's hands.
ISO Demo 81MB (uploaded by Wastrel)
Full ISO Demo (uploaded by Game Graveyard)
Full Demo with DOSBox 51MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)

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