3D Pinball Express Webfoot Technologies, Inc. / Cosmi Corporation 1999

As the title implies, this is a 3D pinball game. The camera view is slightly isometric looking down the length of the pinball machine. There are four different board themes to choose from, each coming in three variations for a total of twelve different boards. The four themes are: Terrormeister - a Halloween inspired board featuring axe murderers, skulls, creepy crawls and the like. Incoming! - An alien invasion inspired board featuring mutant spiders UFOs and alien eggs. Circus - Clowns, circus tents and coloured balloons abound here. Happy Kitchen - A cooking-themed board featuring a French chef, bottles of wine, condiments etc. Options to run in a desktop window or fullscreen in either "low-res" or "hi-res". Mouse, joystick and keyboard control. Keys and controls fixed. 3-way nudges. 3 or 5 balls per play. Top 5 highscores saved. On/off settings for music, sound and background image. Claims to come with free "The History Of Pinball" by Jay Gross, instead comes with a bonus game called "Lock Out".
Full Demo 6MB (uploaded by Wastrel)
Full Demo 6MB (uploaded by DOS Gamer)
ISO Demo (listed as Cosmi_3D_Pinball) 19MB (uploaded by Wastrel)

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