Adventure Pinball: Forgotten Island Digital Extremes, Inc. / Electronic Arts, Inc. 2001

It starts when you receive a note and map from your long lost grandfather, along with the promise of the adventure of a lifetime. You'll encounter dinosaurs, volcanoes, and man-eating sharks, as well as a tribe of cavemen to save. Your mission is to save the Forgotten Island. There are 9 interconnected tables included for you to conquer. They have to be unlocked during the game and offer 2 or 3 settings per table. In comparison to most other pinball simulations the goals on a table are mostly not to get a high score but to solve missions like chasing away sharks. Also unusual are the 3D graphics: instead of a static top-down view the camera follows the pinball ball.
Level Demo (@ Internet Archive)
ISO Demo 568MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
ISO Demo 415MB (uploaded by Wastrel)

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