Full Tilt! Pinball Cinematronics, LLC / Maxis Software Inc. 1996

Full Tilt! Pinball is the first pinball simulation game developed by Cinematronics, LLC. The game includes three boards: Dragon’s Keep - Medieval Fantasy theme; Skulduggery - Pirate theme; Space Cadet - Space ship commander theme. Each board features the usual amount of bumpers, targets, ramps, etc. as well as a big payoff for the successful completion of each table, such as slaying a dragon in Dragon's Keep, or creating a black hole in Space Cadet. Different sounds and music are incorporated for the individual tables. The games are played using keyboard keys and include being able to nudge the tables. Being too forceful with a nudge will result in a tilt and end that turn.
included in Marble Drop ISO Demo 173MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Video Review
Level Demo (@ Internet Archive)
Full Demo 15MB (uploaded by Juego Viejo)
Full ISO Demo (uploaded by Game Graveyard)
ISO Demo 38MB (uploaded by Wastrel)

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