Fastlane Pinball Framework Studios / Merscom LLC 2006

As Michael James Smith you know the when the world will end and how, so how else to carry out this burden then to go to the local bar and play some pinball... Fastlane Pinball. This realistic pinball simulation features real-time 3D physics model and advanced 3D graphics. While playing you'll experience firetrails, explosions, close-up camera action, split-screen views and old-school display games. The game has challenging missions like Casino, Subway Blowout, Multiball, Jailbreak, and Monorail Maze. There are also mini-games to change up the game a bit. Multiplayer features hot seat play for 4 people or challenge a friend on a LAN game. If you're proud of your high score you can even post it to the Fastlane Pinball site to see how you stack up against players around the world.
ISO Demo 73MB (uploaded by Wastrel)

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