Crazy Chicken Pinball phenomedia publishing gmbh / ak tronic Software & Services GmbH 2004

Moorhuhn Pinball is a pinball game, featuring 5 tables related to the Moorhuhn theme, completely with fitting sound effects and graphics. First, you choose one of the tables. Four of them represent a game from the Moorhuhn series: Moorhuhn Kart, Moorhuhn Wanted, Moorhuhn Adventure (Der Schatz des Pharao) and Moorhuhn X. The fifth table is straight out of the 70s with a disco theme. The game is controlled with the keyboard. By pushing the "down" arrow key, the ball is released. The Alt and Alt Gr keys control the bars. The player can use the CTRL key to push the table, if the ball gets stuck somewhere.
Full Demo 15MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Crazy Chicken Full Demo 16MB (uploaded by Wastrel)

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