Pinball Builder: A Construction Kit Spidersoft Limited / 21st Century Entertainment Ltd. 1996

From the creators of the Pinball Dreams/Fantasies series comes a pinball construction kit for Windows. Choose from 8 table layouts, each with 4 different flipper/outlane configurations. Choose the base for your table, add all the bumpers/lights you want, and play the table. You can change all the scores and the letter combinations as you please. You can also play one of the eight tables that are ready to play without editing.The tables are also playable in DOS, featuring the traditional scrolling mode. Included are eight sample tables which the layouts are based on. This package was included in Encore's "Pinball Madness 2" collection in 1999.
ISO Demo 26MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
ISO Demo 61MB (uploaded by Wastrel)

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