Lilo & Stitch Pinball Disney Interactive Studios 2002

If your children loved Lil & Stitch, they'll love playing pinball with their favorite film characters. In this exciting fast-moving game, kids run the show, controlling the lightening fast bumpers that keep on coming and testing their speed skills. Surf's up for Lilo and Stitch and the pinball action-and fun-never stops. Collect cans on the beach, feed the fish, go surfing, and ultimately fly off into space to blast police spaceships. You didn't think you could do THAT with pinball, did ya? Keep the balls in play with the flippers. Work on your aim, and try these fun things: try to knock the cans off to get fish food, then hit Lilo’s house to feed the fish; go up surfing ramp to "ride the wave"; hit Stitch drop targets to open the Dog Pound, and more.
ISO Demo 441MB (uploaded by Wastrel)

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