Aladdin Pinball Disney Online 2005

A pulse-pounding, action-packed pinball game set in the magical and mystical land of Agrabah. Join Aladdin and Princess Jasmine for high-speed pinball excitement on three fun boards. Guide your pinball through the Agrabah marketplace to knock down all scimitars, hit pots and watermelons, and unite the scarab halves. Enter the Cave of Wonders and aim for the magic lamp to unlock the multi-ball feature for tons of bonus points. Roll into the Royal Palace, knock down Jafar, and save Princess Jasmine to score big. 3 Exciting Boards - Experience the pinball excitement in the Agrabah marketplace, the Royal Palace, and the mysterious Cave of Wonders. Multiple Pinballs - Spell out Aladdin, aim your pinballs at the magic lamp, or beat Jafar to activate the multi-ball feature. Score twice the points with two pinballs. Battle Jafar - Defeat Aladdin's enemy. Hit Jafar with your pinball and save Princess Jasmine to score big! Game Challenges - Unite the scarab halves to open the Cave of Wonders, launch your pinball in a battle against Jafar, and rescue Princess Jasmine. Bonus Points - Raise your score by knocking down scimitars, hitting pots and watermelons, taking a magic carpet ride, and more.
Full Demo 15MB (uploaded by Wastrel)
Full Demo with Custom Installer to run on modern o/s 17MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)

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