Pinball Master Webfoot Technologies / eGames 2002

The sequel to eGames' best-selling Pinball game, this is the ultimate in arcade thrills. There are 21 different tables with great arcade balls, relentless pinpall real excitement, ramps, and you'll see more in this game. Collect all the high points and have fun. There are 2D and 3D tables, true life physics, realistic sound effects, and high score table. Delight in non-stop arcade action as balls ricochet off bumpers, spiral through ramps, spin through bonuses, and much more. Exhilarating fast-paced game play will keep you glued to the game as you attempt to gain the highest score ever!
Special Edition - Full Demo 6MB (uploaded by Wastrel)
ISO Demo 184MB (uploaded by Wastrel)

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