Pirates of the Caribbean Pinball Disney Interactive 2007

This is an action-packed pinball adventure set on the high seas. Board this cursed ship, launch your cannonballs, and enjoy tons of swashbuckling fun. Load your cannon for a fierce sea battle against the pirates of Skull Island in an exciting mini-game. Aim the cannonball toward the arrows to discover hidden treasure, secrets, and bonus points. Destroy skeletons, knock down pirates, and defeat your enemies to score big. 3 Cursed Boards - Explore the main deck and pilot deck, and dare to enter the Bone Brig. Multiple Pinballs - Light the fuse, escape the Bone Brig, or lock the skull ball in the cannon to activate the multi-ball game. Score big with multiple pinballs. Mini-game - Aim your ball at the cannons to start the Cannon Mini-game. Fire your cannons and defend your ship from the pirates of Skull Island in an exciting sea battle. Bump & Tilt - For fun on the rough seas, bump or tilt your board to change the course of your pinball. Bonus Points - Score big points when you collect treasure chests, knock down pirates, destroy skeletons, and more.
Full Demo 17MB (uploaded by Wastrel)

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